Third Party Audit

Have the quality and maintainability of your PLC code audited by one of our automation experts

PLC Checker

Static analysis tool for PLC program quality management and code verification testing

PLC Converter

Re-engineering and conversion solution for PLC modernisation and migration projects

PLC DocGen

Reverse-engineering tool allowing you to generate information from an existing PLC source code.

ICS Monitoring

Real-time diagnostics solution to facilitate troubleshooting of PLC-based control systems

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Schneider Electric acquires Itris Automation Square

PLCopen Coding Guidelines

The development tool PLC Checker now supports the PLCopen coding guidelines, allowing you to automatically verify that your PLC program repects this reference standard.

Discover PLCopen Checker

We are Automation Experts

To help you improve the quality of your PLC programs and increase the efficiency of your development and production processes, we are bringing software engineering tools to industrial automation.

Discover Itris Automation

Software Engineer – Full time

Company description Itris Automation Square “Itris”, is a software engineering company that provides development tools for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Itris Automation’s advanced technologies help companies improve development & maintenance processes and thus deliver higher quality programs within shorter deadlines. The task of ensuring quality at reasonable costs while programming PLCs becomes highly difficult with […]

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