Audit Service

Looking to measure your PLC program quality but you don’t have the time?

Allow us to do it for you!

Third-party opinion

Have your PLC code audited by a third-party for an impartial review of its quality and to save you time.

Conformity with standards

Ensure the conformity of your PLC programs with an industry or corporate standard.

Manage maintainability

Measure the quality of your code and receive advice on how to improve it and how to facilitate its maintenance.

What is an audit?

An audit is made up of an analysis and an evaluation of your PLC program based on good practice programming rules or an industry or corporate standard:

– The automatic static analysis tool PLC Checker performs the analysis of the whole code and generates non-conformity messages.

– The evaluation, completed by one of Itris Automation’s automation experts or a technical partner, will examine these messages and produce a report on the quality of your PLC code. This report will give an overview on the program quality and will also explain the most important aspects that you may need to review in your code.

Audit Offer

Because each customer is unique, we have different audit models to best meet your needs.
Our three most popular audit offers are:

Standard Audit
  • Verify your PLC code with a standard

  • 1 PLC Checker token
  • 1 review day by one of our automation experts
  • 1 final report

New Project Audit
  • Follow the development of your code and ensure its quality

  • 1 PLC Checker licence
  • 2 progress audits,
  • 1 conformity audit
  • 3 reports

Comparative Audit
  • Verify the quality of your code before and after modifications

  • 2 PLC Checker tokens
  • 1 review day by one of our automation experts
  • 2 reports (before and after)

Interested in an audit of your PLC code?
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