Company Overview

Established in 1995, Itris Automation is a software engineering company that provides development tools for Programmable Logic Controllers. Itris Automation’s advanced technologies help companies improve development processes and thus deliver higher quality programs within shorter deadlines. PLC programming is a difficult task. As PLC programs become bigger and more complex, the need to ensure their quality and develop them at the lowest possible cost has never been greater. Unfortunately, traditional programming methodologies are not up to the challenge. They are still based on many costly manual tasks supported by few unpractical tools. Reusing existing programs is impossible because of non-compatible programming languages and platforms. Quality approaches are often unformalized and thus quality levels are inconsistent.
Thanks to its innovative technologies, Itris Automation proposes a new approach. It offers a platform and language independent technological framework. Its tools, PLC Checker, PLC Converter and PLC DocGen work on programs written for the main PLC platforms and turn them into high-level abstraction. They drastically change the way PLC programs are being developed, bringing huge cost savings and quality gains. The team at Itris Automation has many years experience applying computer science advanced technologies for the development of complex automation systems. It continually strives to surpass its clients’ expectations and to deliver products and services that bring real business benefits. Itris Automation, a Schneider Electric company, is based in Grenoble, France.