GLIPS Language

Portable and comprehensive PLC abstraction model

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Limits of current languages in industrial automation

Today’s development tools used for PLC programming can difficultly benefit from innovations in computer science that are used for the development of safe, maintainable and reusable applications. Indeed, they don’t offer any object-oriented approaches, strong typing or genericity. This is due to the languages used to program PLCs, which are proprietary and incompatible. These languages have been influenced by the strong electrotechnical background of their first users and, as a consequence, they offer a low level of abstraction. The goal of the GLIPS language – which is a pivot in all tools offered by Itris Automation – is to go beyond the limits of existing languages.

Characteristics of the GLIPS language

The GLIPS language has been defined according to precise specifications. Its main goal is to reduce the cost of development of control/command applications while taking into account all steps of the software lifecycle. To do so, the GLIPS language is based on the following concepts:

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