ICS Monitoring

Reduce your downtime by quickly troubleshooting problems of PLC-based control systems

Real-time PLC diagnostics solution for operators to automation experts.

Clear system structure

ICS Monitoring represents the structures and dependencies between PLC programs in a simplified manner.

A unique tool

ICS Monitoring is capable of treating PLC programs from different vendors together in the same interface.

Always up-to-date

ICS Monitoring works with the PLC program back-ups, so there is no risk of working with an old version of a program.

Remote access

Securely access the real-time data flow from a secure web browser for a quick diagnosis process wherever you are.

Adapted to all situations

ICS Monitoring allows PLC diagnostics to be run without any preliminary code instrumentation or analysis.

Reduce downtime

Thanks to the dynamic navigation through the real-time data flow, ICS Monitoring simplifies the PLC diagnostics process.

Three Steps to Deployment

Retrieve PLC system information

1. Retrieve the PLC system information

The first step involves creating the representation of the PLC programs and their relations in a simple data flow format. This process is performed in advance by ICS Monitoring through access to the saved programs or via a version management system.

2. Access the real-time data

The next step involves initiating the real-time communication between ICS Monitoring and the PLCs. This can be set up via a communication server with OPC, or by communicating directly with the PLC with Modbus TCP.
Access real time data
Live PLC diagnostics

3. Live PLC diagnostics

Finally launch ICS Monitoring in 1-click and access the data flow charts animated with the live data. All the required information is available directly in the tool and so the user can simply concentrate on their diagnostics.

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Multi-Profile Tool

PLC diagnostics for developers


Quickly find a bug with the dynamic representation of the PLC programs.

PLC diagnostics for operators


Secure the reboot of your system and factory.

PLC diagnostics for the maintenance team

Maintenance Team

Quickly diagnose a production shutdown.

Integrated Applications

Possible integration with a SCADA system


ICS Monitoring can be integrated with a SCADA system for finding problems more quickly, with 1-click access to diagnostics.

Possible integration with a version management tool

Version Management

ICS Monitoring can be integrated with a version management system to automatically keep the program information up-to-date with each back-up.

Supported PLCs

3S – Codesys
  • Codesys (versions 2.x)
  • Codesys (versions 3.x)
  • TwinCAT 2
  • TwinCAT 3
ICS Triplex
  • ISaGRAF (4.12)
Phoenix Contact
  • PC Worx
  • MULTIPROG 5.50 (previously KW Software)
  • XML Format
Rockwell Automation
  • RSLogix5 (Allen-Bradley PLC5)
  • RSLogix500 (Allen-Bradley SLC500, Micrologix)
  • RSLogix 5000 (ControlLogix, CompactLogix, …)
Schneider Electric
  • PL7-Pro (Micro, Premium)
  • Unity-Pro, version 10 and above (Premium, Quantum, M340, M580)
  • Unity-Pro, version up to 8.2 (Premium, Quantum, M340, M580)
  • Orphee (April 2000, 3000, 5000, 7000)
  • April PB80, PB400
  • XTEL (Telemecanique – PL7-3 series 7)
  • SoMachine 4
  • Simatic Step5 (S5-090, S5-100, S5-900)
  • Simatic Step7 * (S7-300, S7-400, C7)
  • TIA Portal (v13b)
  • Stardom

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