Test generation tool allowing you to generate a sequence of functional tests

Use PLC Autotest for Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) testing.

Automatically generate
test sequence

PLC Autotest provides a way to describe the functional behaviour to be tested, allowing the process expert to write the specification.

Tests independent from implementation

With PLC Autotest, one specification can be used for different systems of the same type, only the implementation data changes.

Avoid regression with continuous integration

PLC Autotest can detect regression when used in a continuous integration environment, ensuring that no new bugs are introduced.

Repeatable tests

Verify the behaviour of a program in different situations by testing all possible conditions.

Flexible tool

PLC Autotest can adapt to different testing constraints and methods, such as both SIL and HIL simulation.

Save time

No need to hard code test functions as PLC Autotest can monitor the variable/output values automatically.

Three Steps to Test Generation

1. Write the specification

The first step involves writing the specification to explain how the system should work. This specification should be written in natural language, following a certain format, and should be done by the process expert.

2. Describe the implementation

The next step involves the developer explaining how the functionalities are implemented in the code. This should be in the form of a spreadsheet and should describe the variable names, types and the logic used. This document is required in order to create a link between the specification and the code.

3. Generation of the test sequence

With the information from the previous two steps, PLC Autotest automatically generates the sequence of all the functional tests to be performed in order to comprehensively verify a program’s behaviour.

Supported PLCs

  • Schneider Electric Unity (Premium, Quantum, M340 et M580)
  • Schneider Electric PL7 Pro
  • Siemens Step 7
  • Siemens TIA Portal
  • Codesys v3

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