PLC Checker now supports Rockwell

December 2, 2008

Itris Automation, an independent software vendor offering highly innovative solutions for the development of PLC programs, announced today that its flagship product for the automatic coding rules verification now supports PLC programs written with the RSLogix development environment offered by Rockwell Automation.

PLC Checker improves the readability, the maintainability and the robustness of PLC programs thanks to its unique capacity to automatically verify the compliance with coding rules, naming and structure conventions and programming standards. It replaces human proofreading of the programs, which takes a very long time and thus allows industrial users of PLCs to adopt systematically coding standards and guarantee the consistency of their programs.

PLC Checker is typically used in contractual relationships, in which it is a key factor to determine quality goals. By using PLC Checker, contractors demonstrate the quality of their programs with the most innovative solution on the market. Industrial users of PLCs benefit from programs that are easier to read and to maintain and can use PLC Checker results as a formal, repeatable and exhaustive acceptance criteria.

“By adding support for Rockwell PLCs to already available versions for Schneider-Electric and Siemens, we aim at supporting better our customers who wanted to be able to apply consistent coding rules on wider ranges of PLCs. The support for Rockwell PLCs also opens new markets for Itris Automation, especially in countries or industrial sectors in which Rockwell is the main vendor of PLCs,” explains Daniel Pilaud, CEO of Itris Automation.

“The release of PLC Checker for Rockwell is also a new demonstration of Itris Automation many years experience applying computer science advanced technologies to the development of complex automation systems. This mix of skills is recognized as a strong differentiator of our offering by our customers.” Launched today for programs written with Rockwell Automation RSLogix, PLC Checker is also available for Schneider Electric Unity Pro and PL7 Pro and for Siemens SIMATIC STEP 7.

PLC Checker is offered under a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with a pay-per-use payment scheme. It is thus easy to use it on projects and there is no capital expenditure or maintenance required. Itris Automation will be showcasting its latest products at the SCS tradeshow in Paris, France, December 2-5 2008.