PLC Checker

New solution to ensure the quality of PLC programs that can automate the verification of compliance with coding rules and reduced cost.

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Automated static analyzer for standard compliance

PLC Checker automatically analyzes PLC programs and comprehensively verifies their compliance with generic rules and if needed, rules specific to an industry or a given process. In a customer / supplier relationship, PLC Checker sets the level of quality to be achieved and the way to demonstrate compliance to meet the requirements of the standards, such as ISO / IEC 9126, CMMi (Capability Maturity Model + Integration), FDA and the nuclear industry.


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User Benefits

The industrial end users optimize the availability of their production tool. Programs are easier to understand, making commissioning and debugging faster. The use of PLC Checker results in a better formalization of quality requirements, acceptance criteria and objectives, and ultimately, better sharing of good coding practices. System integrators and program developers can automatically and fully check the compliance of their code with a coding standard. They optimize their developments by checking the quality early, and differentiate by offering innovative quality methods. Certifiers and verification authorities have a rigorous approach based on international standards to assess program quality and thus guarantee an expected level of confidence.

Cloud Application

Developers of PLC programs launch the analysis by uploading PLC programs and a rule set, either a default rule set provided by Itris Automation or a customized one. The analysis is conducted in the secure cloud application facility on a dedicated server. With intuitive navigation mechanisms, sources of issues are identified easily and the results can be sorted out and exported with client application or on Web browser. Project managers and quality controllers can follow the use of PLC Checker by their developers through a collaborative Web platform and view statistical information on dashboards.


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Supported Development Environments

  • Siemens STEP5 & STEP7
  • Rockwell Automation RSLogix 5000
  • Schneider Electric PL7 Pro and Unity Pro
  • CoDeSys V3.2
  • PLCopen XML
  • And more…

Integrated Applications

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