PLC Checker the static analysis tool for PLC programs


Static analysis tool allowing you to maintain the quality of your PLC programs and save time

Use PLC Checker for audits, code reviews, compliance, and controlling program quality.

Optimise development methods

Formalise your development process with PLC Checker and ensure good programming practices are followed from day one.

Improve program maintainability

Use PLC Checker to optimise maintenance costs and time and to maximise the availability of your production tools.

Improve cybersecurity robustness

Software safety standards recommend static analysis tools like PLC Checker to ensure the robustness and security of your program.

Verify compliance

PLC Checker allows you to evaluate and to prove to a third party that your program is conform with a standard or customised set of rules.

Master your code quality

Formalise your quality requirements and outsource your programming with confidence with the support of PLC Checker.

Save time

PLC Checker takes on the laborious part of a code review, with an automatic analysis available in minutes.

quick and easy process for generating your static analysis results

Automatic Verification

The step-by-step wizard makes PLC Checker quick and easy to use. Just follow the online wizard and your quality analysis results will be generated automatically in minutes.



Three Ways to Visualise Your Results

graphical representation of your static analysis results
detailed information on your static analysis results
download a pdf report of your static analysis results


A graphical representation of your results, to visualise the program as a whole or to compare with previous analyses.

Detailed Results

See each message created by the analysis in detail, for a simplified correction process.

Downloadable Report

Results are instantly available to download as a report in PDF or CSV, great for sharing with your project stakeholders.




Coding Rule Set

PLC Checker analyses can be run with a default rule set provided by Itris Automation, the PLCopen rule set or a customised one. Itris Automation’s default rule set is a set of generic good practice programming rules, whereas a customised rule set can contain rules specific to an industry, company, or process, great for checking compliance with standards such as GAMP® 5, IEC 61508, and IEC 62138.

Are you following PLCopen's guidelines?
good practice programming rules for PLCs



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Supported PLCs

3S - Codesys

  • Codesys (versions 2.x)
  • Codesys (versions 3.x)


  • DOX5


  • TwinCAT 2
  • TwinCAT 3

ICS Triplex

  • ISaGRAF (v4, v5, & v6)

Phoenix Contact

  • PC Worx
  • MULTIPROG 5.50 (previously KW Software)


  • XML Format

Rockwell Automation

  • RSLogix5 (Allen-Bradley PLC5)
  • RSLogix500 (Allen-Bradley SLC500, Micrologix)
  • RSLogix 5000 (ControlLogix, CompactLogix, ...)

Schneider Electric

  • PL7-Pro (Micro, Premium)
  • Control Expert
  • Unity-Pro, version 10 and above (Premium, Quantum, M340, M580)
  • Unity-Pro, version up to 8.2 (Premium, Quantum, M340, M580)
  • Orphee (April 2000, 3000, 5000, 7000)
  • April PB80, PB400
  • XTEL (Telemecanique - PL7-3 series 7)
  • SoMachine 4


  • Simatic Step5 (S5-090, S5-100, S5-900)
  • Simatic Step7 * (S7-300, S7-400, C7)
  • TIA Portal (V13 SP1, V13 SP2, V14, V14 SP1, V15)


  • Stardom

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Integrated Applications

Schneider Electric
Unity Pro
by Squoring


Further Information

PLC Checker is available via a web browser or a desktop app.

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Our satisfied customers

Ariane Group uses PLC Checker to help them achieve their software quality objectives.

Eiffage Energie Railway Systems uses PLC Checker to ensure their compliance with CENELEC 50128.

Find more user references from a range of companies and industries on our Client References page.

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