PLC Converter now supports Modicon® M340 Programmable Automation Controllers

June 3, 2008

Itris Automation, an independent software vendor offering highly innovative solutions for the development of PLC programs, announced today that its flagship product for the automatic translation of PLC programs now supports as translation target the Modicon® M340 Programmable Automation Controller.

Thanks to this new target, Itris Automation customers will benefit as quickly as possible from the high performance, flexibility and robustness of the latest Modicon programmable automation controller. Supporting technological innovations proposed by PLC vendors, soon after they are made available to the market, is at the heart of Itris Automation value proposition.

Indeed, PLC Converter automatically translates PLC programs and thus saves many hours of manual rewriting. Thanks to the usage of automatic semantic translation tools, it also guarantees identical functionalities and a very high level of quality. “The support of the M340 programmable automation controller is the next step in our fruitful partnership with Schneider Electric,” explains Jean Martos, CTO of Itris Automation.“The collaboration with Schneider Electric allows both companies to enrich the technological ecosystem around their offerings and thus helps us best serve the community of automation engineers. Also, adding new targets to PLC Converter is fully consistent with our mission: accelerating the pace of innovation in the automation industry by allowing an easy access to the best computer science techniques.” 

PLC Converter can translate automatically code from the following PLCs: Schneider Electric SMC, April, TSX and PL7, Alstom Alspa and Siemens Step 5. The new Modicon M340 target comes in addition to the already supported targets: Modicon Quantum and Premium.