Reduce your PLC conversion time by 75%

And cut your automation program migration costs by 40%

Licences or Cloud

PLC Converter translation software is available either under license or for online use via the cloud. The “License” model is perfect for companies with a large number of PLCs to convert, whilst the “Cloud” model offers greater flexibility of use.

All the services you need for your migrations

No time to run conversions yourself? Itris Automation can handle your migrations to new automation software from start to finish, providing you with its tried and tested services: with our software and team of PLC program experts, you are guaranteed a fast, reliable and secure migration.


The automatic conversion of PLC programs can yield migration time savings of up to 75%, reducing your installations’ down time.

Lower Risk

Optimize machine maintenance and prevent PLC obsolescence. Keep your source program’s semantics and identify any errors with ease.

Easy migration

Simple to master, quick and secure: translate your code in just a few clicks and take advantage of the Itris knowledge base to help with your migration.


Money back guarantee!

Prior to the conversion, you will be told which code will be translated and which segments will remain. However, in the event that less code is translated than initially quoted for, we will issue you with a refund!

Want to convert? Go for it!

Supported PLCs

  • 3S Codesys (v3)
  • ABB DOX5
  • Alstom T20
  • Beckoff TwinCAT 2 & 3
  • Isagraf v4, v5, & v6
  • PLCopen XML format
  • Rockwell Automaton RSLogix5, RSLogix500, & RSLogix5000
  • Schneider Electric April Orphée
  • Schneider Electric April SMC
  • Schneider Electric PL7-Pro
  • Schneider Electric XTEL
  • Siemens Step5 & Step7
  • Yokogawa Stardom

  • Schneider Electric Control Expert (M340 et M580)
  • Schneider Electric Unity Pro (Premium, Quantum)
  • Schneider Electric PL7 Pro
  • Codesys v3
  • GE Proficy Machine Edition
  • PLCopen XML format
  • Rockwell Automation RSLogix5000
  • Siemens Step 7
  • Siemens TIA Portal v13

Can’t find your PLC brand? Contact us!


Automatic translation

PLC Converter automatically translates your database and your source code, as well as all of its variables.

“Functional” code conversion wizard

Thanks to its integrated knowledge base, the PLC Converter wizard helps you translate the “functional” components of your code, such as axis controls.


Sign up for free

PLC Converter can be accessed free of charge. Just load your code for an immediate estimate of the price and level of translation required.

Convert my PLC program

Our satisfied customers

The Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (CNR) used PLC Converter to migrate from an old April SMC 50 PLC to Schneider Electric PL7

"PLC Converter significantly reduced the migration time and there were only a few small modifications required afterwards. We would definitely use the tool again”
Mr. Niklas BØE - Guard Automation

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