PLC DocGen

Reverse-engineering tool allowing you to generate information from an existing PLC source code

Use PLC DocGen for maintenance, code review, audit or code debugging.

Understand your program structure

Thanks to a clear view of the control and data flows of your application, you can understand its architecture during the whole life-cycle of your projects.

Support testing and debugging

PLC DocGen helps choosing non-regression tests to run and pinpointing the root causes of software bugs.

Documentation always up to date

As documentation is generated automatically from the program, it is always in-sync thus ensuring 100% traceability.

Collaborative tool

PLC DocGen is a cloud-based service that you can easily use from your browser and share results with your collaborators.

Intuitive navigation

PLC DocGen allows you to easily maneuver around in the program and get a visual overview of its functioning.

Save time

No installation or configuration needed: you just need a web browser! PLC DocGen generates html files that you can use anywhere

Supported PLCs

  • 3S – Codesys (versions 2.3, 3.1-3.5)
  • Mors Technologies – OMEGADCN/TANAGRA (MIP-xx)
  • PLCOpen (XML format)
  • Simatic Step5 (S5-090, S5-100, S5-900)
  • Simatic Step7 * (S7-300, S7-400, C7)
  • * With inherent limitations due to the use of the STL language.

    • RSLogix 5000 (ControlLogix, CompactLogix…)
    • RSLogix500 (Allen-Bradley SLC500, Micrologix)
    • RSLogix5 (Allen-Bradley PLC5)
    • XTEL (Telemecanique – PL7-3 serie 7)
    • Unity-Pro (Premium, Quantum, M340, M580)
    • PL7-Pro (Micro, Premium)
    • Orphee (April 2000, 3000, 5000, 7000)
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    Automatic Generation

    PLC DocGen is intuitive and very easy to use thanks to the step-by-step wizard feature. Just follow the wizard, and you will have your automatic generated documentation result very quickly.

    Dynamic navigation

    You can navigate around your code by expanding and collapsing nodes thus exploring dependencies between variables and the structure of your application.

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