PLC Quality Service

Improvement of PLC program quality can be a challenge sometimes, and we are here to help you succeed.

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Working together towards quality

Thanks to their know-how and experience, Itris Automation’s consultants have developed a unique expertise on the quality of PLC programs. The PLC Quality Service gives you the opportunity to benefit from this expertise for your own developments. Instead of, sometimes, having irrelevant generic quality control rules, Itris Automation will help to provide a practical and operational quality model dedicated to your context.

Our consultants will provide objective assessment of your existing quality assurance processes, recommendations for definition and formalization of quality goals, approaches to meet these goals and practical implementation of means to enforce these approaches.

Getting the most from PLC Checker

The expertise of our consultants is based on their knowledge of the state of the art quality methods and on their daily usage of PLC Checker coding rules verification tool.

Based on your quality goals, our consultants will create with you a set of rules tailored to your specific needs, implement them and then show you how to best use PLC Checker to enforce them. They will also train you on how to review the analysis results as efficiently as possible by using our powerful graphical interfaces.

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