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PLCopen ®

A vendor- and product-independent worldwide association. PLCopen®‘s mission is to be the leading association resolving topics related to control programming to support the use of international standards in this field.

PLCopen ® Coding Guidelines

A set of 64 good practice programming rules for PLC programs, which cover the naming, comments and coding practices used in the code. They are relevant for companies of any size, in any industry, using any brand of PLC.

PLCopen ® Checker

The PLCopen ® coding guidelines have been integrated into PLC Checker to help you easily verify that they have been respected in your code and to help improve the quality and consistency of your PLC programs.

Creating the PLCopen ® coding guidelines

The coding guidelines were created over a period of three years by the PLCopen ® Software Construction Guidelines working group. This working group consists of Eelco van der Wal, the managing director of PLCopen ®, along with members from the companies mentioned below:

The guidelines are well-detailed, with each rule explained in the same format, including the description of the rule, its importance, the targeted language, how to avoid violating it, an example of the issue, and more.

Version 1.0 of the PLCopen ® coding guidelines was officially published on 20th April 2016.

Download the PLCopen ® Coding Guidelines

Implementing the PLCopen ® rules into PLC Checker


Being part of the working group and seeing the potential in PLCopen®’s coding guidelines, Itris Automation decided to create a PLCopen ® rules set for their static analysis tool, PLC Checker. This will allow a program to be automatically verified to ensure that it respects the good programming practices outlined by PLCopen ®.

The integration of the PLCopen ® coding guidelines into PLC Checker will help you improve the quality of your PLC programs while saving you the time, money, and the effort of having to manually verify that these guidelines have been respected.

PLC Checker is a static analysis tool which tests a PLC program’s code against a chosen set of rules. It provides both graphical and detailed results to aid the quality management and improvement of the code. For more details, see the PLC Checker page.

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PLCopen ® Checker

Itris Automation has made a special effort of validating each rule individually in PLC Checker. This process has legitimised the approach of using the tool for verifying that a program respects the PLCopen ® coding guidelines. To do this, each rule was tested for every supported PLC with a specially written example of code that violates only that rule.

A Certification Kit is available as documented proof that the use of PLC Checker for verifying a program’s compliance with the PLCopen ® coding guidelines has been validated.

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