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Programming PLCs has to take into account the need for very high levels of reliability for both safety and economic reasons. Indeed, a bug in a PLC program may have consequences ranging from stopping the assembly line to the loss of human lives. Also, PLC programs have a very long lifecycle. Once they have been developed, they are maintained by technicians who are not necessarily familiar with their original implementation. In spite of many quality assurance efforts, today’s development methods – based on few development tools, cannot guarantee the robustness and reliability of PLC programs within reasonable costs.

Finally, each new PLC comes with a new development environment which is often not compatible with others – even between two PLCs from the same vendor. As a consequence, programs are difficult to reuse and having to reimplement them reduces their long-term value. Taking up these challenges requires new solutions that are capable of producing higher quality and reusable programs while reducing development and maintenance costs. That’s what Itris Automation offers thanks to its innovative approach.

Itris Automation’s solution

To take up the challenges of today’s PLC programming, Itris Automation proposes a new innovative technological approach. It offers a platform and language independent framework: the GLIPS language. Based on that framework, Itris Automation has developed tools that work on programs written for the main PLC platforms, turning them into high-level abstraction in the GLIPS language. The goal is to produce outputs such as a conversion to another PLC language or the verification of the compliance with coding rules.

Position of Itris Automation’s approach within the development process

Itris Automation’s approach can help in most of the development process. As shown below, in the traditional V-cycle, Itris Automation technologies support all phases from specification to functional validation. Specification and coding are where the GLIPS language offers most of its benefits thanks to its modularity and formalism. In the second half of the V-cycle, our verification methods, using abstract interpretation, static analysis and, soon, model checking, do provide unprecedented quality benefits to PLC programs.

One of the main benefits of Itris Automation’s approach is that it takes into account existing technological assets. Indeed, to benefit from the flexibility and the modularity of the GLIPS language, there is no need to rewrite or remodel all existing PLC programs; they can be directly imported to the GLIPS format. Also, Itris Automation technologies are ready for tomorrow’s methodologies. They feature a component approach, thus allowing easy reusability while their high level of formalism allows the use of advanced verification methods.

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