Itris Automation Tool Add-Ons

GLIPS Workbench

Related tools: PLC Checker

GLIPS workbench contains Eclipse IDE ℠ and specific plugins allowing remote usage of Itris Automation Square tools. By default, the workbench is packaged with all components required to run PLC Checker.

Download Eclipse v4.2 Based

Download Eclipse v3.1 Based

Unity Pro Plug-in

Related tools: PLC Checker

The PLC Checker plugin for Unity Pro is an extension which allows PLC Checker to be directly integrated into the Schneider Electric Unity Pro development environment. It allows the launch of PLC Checker from inside Unity Pro, and allows you to gain time with back to source features and automatic export.

Download Unity Pro Plug-in – V8.1 and below

Download Unity Pro Plug-in – V8.2 and above

Itris Import/Export Tool

Related tools: PLC Checker, PLC Converter, PLC DocGen

The Itris Import/Export Tool enables you to easily import or export your PLC code from your chosen development environment so that it can be used with Itris Automation’s tools.
Currently available for: Schneider Electric Unity Pro, Siemens STEP 7, and Siemens TIA Portal.

Download Import/Export Tool & Modules



PLC Program Development Guidelines

Itris Automation proposes a set of coding guidelines for the development of PLC programs. The aim is to help improve the quality, maintainability, readability, and consistency of PLC programs. This set of coding guidelines is also the default set of rules for PLC Checker.

Download PLC Program Development Guidelines (EN)

Download PLC Program Development Guidelines (FR)

Download PLC Program Development Guidelines (DE)

Release Notes

Itris Automation is continuously working on improving their products and product platforms to make them easier to use and to add new useful features. Learn more about the latest updates in the release notes.

Release Notes

User support contact

Support Contact

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