Import/Export Tool for TIA Portal

With TIA Portal, Siemens allows you to use your PLC code with third party tools, via their software Openness. This software provides an efficient way to extract or import code from or to TIA Portal.

Download the required modules

Below, you can download the required modules according to your installation. Fill out the form below to get the list of documents and files that you will need.

To update the TIA Portal Import/Export tool, you simply need to download the new modules required and install them in the same folder as the main unit.

Step 1 – Which development environment are you using?
Step 2 – Which Itris tool are you using?
Step 3 – Which version of the development environment are you using?

Documents and files to download

Here are the documents and files which correspond to your installation. The user documentation explains how to put the architecture of the TIA Portal Import/Export tool into place.

Having trouble with this tool?

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